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  Grateful for more today and even more tomorrow...another day lived on mother earth.  Birds of the air Warmth of the sun Air to breathe Hearts that pump Hot tea Fresh coat of paint Generosity Butterflies in your stomach Lyrics Memorized and you, we are grateful for you. Come see us in the shop Wednesday or Thursday 8AM-12PM for centerpiece pick up, hostess gifts, flowers for loved ones, and cards to go with.  We are grateful every time you walk through our doors.  x Teresa

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Local // Whipstone Farms

In the hustle and bustle of the shop...we are constantly amazed at what grows. We get little insects, we get giant blooms, we get babies with their momma blooms, we get poked, we get to enjoy an aroma like no other...every day it changes and every day it never ceases to amaze. Truly, we do a lot of giddy here at all the unexpected gifts that come with our floral deliveries. One of our most precious deliveries are those from Whipstone Farms. We have gone local as much as we possibly can and stick with the seasons. Our partnership with Cory and Shanti of Whipstone Farms, outside of Prescott, is one we cherish and try to honor daily in our...

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