Weather Permitting

Curbside Delivery at Camelback Flowershop
The average temperature in the Phoenix lowlands is 102 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat of the city, the black, the industry, and the exposure in the desert can wear on us...
We have decided to serve our desert tribe the best we know how: curbside delivery.
This means, you can avoid the average 102 degrees and enjoy the innovation of air conditioning in your vehicle and reach out for one of our arrangements to bring cool to your day. 
See? See how much we care about your exposure? We love our tribe and want you at your best. Well, we also want our gems, our artwork, our collection of florals to greet you at their best. So whether you come into meet your arrangement or have her brought to your door, know we are invested. 
Give us a call at 602-840-4646. One of our designers will be able to assist you. 
X Teresa
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