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Happy Valentine's Day 2020

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Camelback Flowershop. We are honored and proud to have served the Valley and its loves for 18 years. Thank you for supporting your local flower shop and our...
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Our designers never cease. Have you thought about your winter mood? Your holiday it rich hues and dark and moody to match the evening light? Is it merry and bright? Is it monochromatic...
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  Grateful for more today and even more tomorrow...another day lived on mother earth.  Birds of the air Warmth of the sun Air to breathe Hearts that pump Hot tea Fresh coat of paint Generosity But...
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Mother's Day // 2018

As Mother's Day approaches quickly, this Sunday to be exact, it becomes time once again to make absolutely sure your mother is 'bathed' in love. We have thought about our mothers and your moth...
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Valentine Online // 2018 // Farrah Fawcett

Is she lovely? Does she exude sunshine? Is she an angel? Does she make you feel free? We call her Farrah.  The light-hearted, sun-kissed and free spirited - these are the perfect florals for tha...
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Our year is full of matrimony and preparations thereof. It is thrilling and never dull and we feel like we get to be apart of something that is lovely and forever. But before the bride/groom walks...
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Weather Permitting

The average temperature in the Phoenix lowlands is 102 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat of the city, the black, the industry, and the exposure in the desert can wear on us... We have decided to serv...
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