Women and Their Cactus fields

Edward Curtis Photography of Maricopa Women
Maricopa Women by Edward Curtis
Women have long been in the fields of saguaros and prickly pear and cholla and grasses investing and collecting provisions. The shop is invested in bringing in native plants to continue our relationship with them and hoping our clients will learn from and take care of the flora of the desert. Like the women before us, we hope learning the care of the earth and its fruits sustain life for generations to come. 
Photographer Edward Curtis is famous for collecting images of native Arizonans and others at the turn of the century. His photographs are beautiful and daunting and eye opening to a world we think we know but yet perhaps do not. While there is some criticism concerning posing etc, most agree he captured a world like no other and was one of the only in his field to do so. He did important work to preserve and pass along knowledge of the peoples he so respected and admired. 
Edward Curtis Photographs
Collecting fruit. Photograph by Edward S. Curtis
We are admirers of his work and hope to continue to learn from his field notes and additionally the care of desert life. Please consider planting and growing your own desert inside and out and we have just the pots and plants for you...
x Teresa
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