Flowershop Journal — Floral arrangements


The Ones We Have Loved.

Our sympathies and our hearts have broken time and time again in our shop. We get it. We've been there. Being a part of the loss, grief, and steps of healing is an honor. We are able to serve th...
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  Grateful for more today and even more tomorrow...another day lived on mother earth.  Birds of the air Warmth of the sun Air to breathe Hearts that pump Hot tea Fresh coat of paint Generosity But...
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The Wrap Club // Details // Join

Wrap Club Subscription-We hand-select all of our flowers for our special wraps and Wrap Club subscriptions each week and usually each day this way they are new and different each time yet remain cl...
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 Reminder: Passover and Easter wraps are $25. SAT/SUN 9AM-2PM. As we celebrate with family and friends this weekend, we wanted to wish you all the best this season. And the best way we know how i...
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Weekend//Your Weekend//Our Weekend

We are now open Saturday and Sunday 9AM-1PM at our new location. Have you been in on a weekend yet?  The weekend, the perfect time to pop in and pick up flowers (even just a branch) for your day,...
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China//Floral Play

While Teresa is away in China for 10 days, we thought we would honor some of the incredible Chinese artists painting what else, florals.   "Born Zhu Da, Bada Shanren was a direct descendant of...
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Valentine Online // 2018 // Farrah Fawcett

Is she lovely? Does she exude sunshine? Is she an angel? Does she make you feel free? We call her Farrah.  The light-hearted, sun-kissed and free spirited - these are the perfect florals for tha...
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Valentine Online // 2018 // Wrap Club

  Because the Valentine season seems too short and we know you love your Valentine more than just one day out of the year...we have the solution. The Camelback Flowershop Wrap Club provides you...
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