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While Teresa is away in China for 10 days, we thought we would honor some of the incredible Chinese artists painting what else, florals.


"Born Zhu Da, Bada Shanren was a direct descendant of a prince in Ming Dynasty. He was a child prodigy who started to create art and poetry in early childhood. The fall of Ming Dynasty led to Zhu Da becoming a Buddhist monk. After 40 years, he quit monastic life and became a professional painter. Zhu also took many pseudonyms. One of them is Bada Shanren, the name by which he is known today. Apart from being the leading painter of his time, Shanren was a complete eccentric and individualist. His paintings are known for capturing the very essence of the flowers, plants and creatures he portrays."

Come into the shop anytime for inspiration or inspire us with your Chinese infused arrangements needed. 

Here are a few to inspire: 

Zhao Zhiqian

Yun Shouping

Qi Baishi

-The Camelback Flowershop Team

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