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We are getting so close to the best day of the year. The year we get to say what everyone longs to hear and we long to say. And we say it with nature's work...what a gift.  Katharine Hepburn is our independent thinker, our shelter from the storm, our pants when we need to wear pants, our passion when we lack, and we know you have one of those in your life. Someone that needs garden roses, nothing contrived, nothing for the masses... "There are many people in this world that do not like red roses... if your Sweetheart is one of these people, then this is the romantic design for them!" -3 dozen fragrant garden roses organically designed in...

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Customize//Build Your Own Box

Our signature Camelback Flowershop box evolves each season with the rate of sunshine and the rain...and it evolves as we collect goodies for all our clients and their loved ones. From skincare and Maison Louis Parfum to a Mezuzah and matcha tea. This collection of goodies and handmade objects are the result of wonderful relationships built with local creatives, with whom we collaborate to bring you our usual Camelback Flowershop exclusivity. If you want more than flowers for a special occasion or to make a hostess gift statement this coming fall/winter let us know. Please come in and let us build a box with you... Remember *Fresh flowers cannot be shipped, but can be delivered locally within our delivery map. ...

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Don't "Forget Me Nots"

Remember the Forget Me Nots. Hey you, yeah you. We were to forsake for each other. Remember all the forsaking? Remember? Remember us? Hey, you, yeah you. We were going to run the streets and alter the galaxy from the asphalt up. Remember all the altering? Remember? Remember us? Hey you, yeah you. We were going to never forget with bunches of forget me nots on every occasion. Remember? Remember us? Hey you, yeah you. We were going to whisper the Songs of Solomon back and forth. Remember all the whispers? Remember? Remember us? Hey you, yeah you. We were never going to abandon the other in a crowded room. Remember being the only one in the room. Remember? Remember...

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Mother's Day // 2018

As Mother's Day approaches quickly, this Sunday to be exact, it becomes time once again to make absolutely sure your mother is 'bathed' in love. We have thought about our mothers and your mother and all the other mothers and here is what we created in addition to our Mother's Day Floral Collection which includes Ava, Stevie, Charlie, Harper, Reese, Quinn:  Items included in the Camelback Flowershop gift box: Small wooden box, excelsior and ribbon Roots & Crown bath salts Body brush Ruze Cake House cookie box Morning Calm soap Teaspressa Black Tea Amethyst Crystal Goodytwos Toffee $45 Floral Wrapped Mason Jar For that little extra sleep we hope all the mother's enjoy this Sunday, let's add something a little something...

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China//Floral Play

While Teresa is away in China for 10 days, we thought we would honor some of the incredible Chinese artists painting what else, florals.   "Born Zhu Da, Bada Shanren was a direct descendant of a prince in Ming Dynasty. He was a child prodigy who started to create art and poetry in early childhood. The fall of Ming Dynasty led to Zhu Da becoming a Buddhist monk. After 40 years, he quit monastic life and became a professional painter. Zhu also took many pseudonyms. One of them is Bada Shanren, the name by which he is known today. Apart from being the leading painter of his time, Shanren was a complete eccentric and individualist. His paintings are known for...

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