Wrap it up.

If your beloved got all wrapped up in the beautiful flowers that were delivered this Valentine's Day or you received flowers and thought, why not continue with all the goodness...we have our most popular and most sought after answer: The Wrap Club. 
It is easy breezy lemon squeezy. You order and we deliver a beautiful seasonal design wrapped either weekly, bimonthly, or monthly. $45. 



x Teresa

PS We have a beautiful collection of art right now that I cannot seem to shake. Its breathtaking, its moving, it says more than I can say. A collection by the Fourtoul Brothers and pieces by Faith Christiansen Smeets. 


The Details//

Fresh flower delivery subscription 
We hand-select all of our flowers for our special wraps so that they are new and different each time but still have a clean, modern, organic look that can easily compliment any home or office.

The Wrap has anywhere from 8-18 stems. This will vary season to season. For instance, if peonies and artichokes are in season, they are typically a bit more expensive, and you may only get a few stems mixed with a few other seasonal varieties. If we use giant spider mums, and other less expensive flowers, you will get more stems. Value, size and design will always be present.

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  • Your wraps are gorgeous. i love the clean white paper. We’ve been brainstorming on ways to wrap our flowers to be different yet clean to help our flower shop separate itself from the herd. Very nicely done.


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