Administrative Professionals Day April 22, 2020 //COVID19

The time and space we are in is unprecedented. Our community and coworkers are becoming closer despite the space - "alone together". Our support teams are becoming vital to our success. We want to acknowledge their work and share our appreciation for all they are doing at home or in essential services. 

Flora Mae Wrap

Our team has designed a collection for our administrative professionals and the necessary role they play - the work they do - to keep all of us on the road to success. 


If you are unsure what might be best - our shop is standing by to assist - call us 602-840-4646. We can custom build gift boxes and provide insight for keeping anything alive in a home office. 

For the home office 


The collection can be delivered safely and following protocol...along with decadent treats, candles, and home gifts

We appreciate you and we appreciate your team. What a time to be alive. What a time to thrive together. 

x Teresa 

 PS The designers choice is forever my favorite - order online. 



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