Flowershop Journal — Curbside


We were fooled by "FALL"

The sun is still bright and hurts. Can the sun possibly portray sadness instead of joy? Our hearts need the shade and the breeze. We believe it turned the corner today with less than 90 degrees. W...
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Accompanying the Shadows: Fall

The sun is crashing down so much faster these days. Our shop is filled with shadows cast by the changing scene out in the atmosphere. This gives us a fresh perspective on our designing and remind...
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Hot Hot Heat: Care of Cactus

Our proud American flag is still waving and glowing after her birthday celebration on Monday night. And we love her for it, but unfortunately the Fourth of July for the Phoenicians is indicator th...
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Mock Orange and Hellebores

(Mock-Orange)  When summer drags and the heat seems to gather up our spirits and set them aflame, we are doing our part here in the shop to keep things cool and breezy. Our favorite cool flowers ...
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