Hot Hot Heat: Care of Cactus

Our proud American flag is still waving and glowing after her birthday celebration on Monday night. And we love her for it, but unfortunately the Fourth of July for the Phoenicians is indicator that we still have a long way to go and its hot, hot, hot. But you know who loves it? Your cacti. 

Despite the heat, this is a growing season for your cactus collection. We wanted to give you a few tips for a healthy potted cactus: 

  • Watering once a week is sufficient in the summer months. (Not all cacti are dormant in the Winter, please consult before assuming their growth period.) If you use tap water, there will be a build up of alkaline and minerals over time in the soil, hence the importance of repotting. Avoid using water that has been through a softening system as well. 
  • Let there be light. Lots of light. Your potted cactus will grow towards it, reaching for it. Remember to rotate your potted cacti, but do it slowly. The side that has not been exposed to as much light might scorch with the sudden exposure. (Yellow or brown spots mean too much exposure.) Cactus will burn like people, be careful on the amount of exposure. 
  • Repotting should be done once a year. The soil used should drain well, very well, and not be peat based. Also, if you are mixing in sand remember to use horticultural grade sand and not fill sand that might contain salt. Cactus specific soil can be purchased at most home improvement and garden supply stores. Repotting is a good time to inspect roots and give your cacti room to grow.



We believe in you and your cactus. Please come in and ask any questions you many have. We have a few experts around. We have so many beautiful local clay pots in the shop right now that we are prepping for some major repotting. Come in and take a look. Give your babies a new home. They need room to grow up. 

Xo Teresa 

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