Profile: Allison Kennedy Lee

She looks a bit a girl next door meets Upper East side. She has an athlete on her day off sort of gait and a brown eyed girl twinkle. She is our Allison Kennedy...fitting because of that Kennedy's on vacation on Martha's Vineyard after a rousing game of tennis vibe. Yet, she is a devout desert native and Xavier volleyball girl attached to a Brophy grad and we like how "Phoenician" that is...

Allison Lee

She came to us because of her desire to break from model agency production work and a real estate family. She always loved flowers and wanted in...and she became a part of the Flowershop quickly after learning the flow and details of all things floral. 

Aside from her time in cathedrals, her time living in Paris has been her most vivid influence in her arranging and design. It brings a bit of "amour fou" and opulence to her designs. We all need a bit of that type of love for love in our space. 

Here is a little session of "get to know": 

Name: Allison or Ally 

Years with Camelback Flowershop: 1+ years

Favorite flower: Blushing Bride proteas, peonies, ranunculus 

Past life: Model Agency and Real Estate 

Design Style: Palace of Versailles meets Marie Antoinette 

Hobbies: Love, family, and florals (Fun fact: She has twin brothers: one who is an ordained Priest.)

Come see us for a bit of "let them eat cake" design in your summer digs. Our girl has your back. 

Xo Teresa

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