Mock Orange and Hellebores

Mock Orange and Hellebores

Mock Orange


When summer drags and the heat seems to gather up our spirits and set them aflame, we are doing our part here in the shop to keep things cool and breezy. Our favorite cool flowers this season are the Mock-Orange and Hellebores. They are light and pretty and lovely and cool and bright and hearty and wild. They speak to us and make us light on our feet. 

Mock-Orange has the fragrance of citrus we intimately know here in our land of old orange groves. It is white and lovely and free and easy. It can grow several feet high and creates a beautiful shrub bush, but we use it as a central part of getting through summer unscathed. 



 Hellebores (white) represent the effect of shade. Their pedals are sepals built in to shade and protect the delicate flower inside their walls. Aren't we all delicate flowers in need of shade in the summer months. 

Our designs this season represent this feeling of breezy, cool, shaded, and refreshed. 

Come by or check in curbside. We are in this together. 

Xo Teresa

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