We were fooled by "FALL"

Shoes and Succulents

The sun is still bright and hurts. Can the sun possibly portray sadness instead of joy? Our hearts need the shade and the breeze. We believe it turned the corner today with less than 90 degrees. We hope, we hope, we hope. Fingers crossed, fingers crossed, fingers crossed. Sorry to complain about the weather: we are grateful for the sun and all it affords us, truly. 

Succulent Shadow

Our shop is full of succulents and cacti to reflect the sun back into orbit and give off cool inside and out. Come take a look for yourself. Absorb what they absorb. See what they see. Feel what they feel. We receive new shapes and sizes daily and weekly to add to our collection and yours. 

Come in and build your own garden. Grow your own cool. We will not be fooled by fall, but create our own. 

See you in the shop. 

Xo Teresa






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