Cactus Edition: It's a Jungle Out There

The flowershop is overgrown with some of the most fascinating types of cacti and succulents. I hand selected these for our clients and for us to enjoy while they wait for their forever home. I thought we might be here to give them a voice, but we discovered they speak for themselves...

Tall Cactus

 Cacti at the Flowershop

Cactus shot 1

We even have a collection of moss that grows over time by tumbling and traveling mile after mile through water. This process creates these enchanting balls perfect for water features, aquariums, or for your own delight. 


Come visit the shop and select the bit of wild and beautiful that speaks to you. We will gladly share the secrets of keeping it with you forever with the proper care and have various pots for purchase. 

Thank you for stopping by...

Xo Teresa

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