Profile: Laura Reed

Profile: Laura Reed

She is the flower that is always in season. A lover, a loyal friend, a fighter, a builder, a pioneer, a blonde, and made of good stock. She is now one of us, but she was part of the land first. She is Laura. 

As a child she would run into the woods. She carried a backpack, matches, noodles, tools, and a good book. She would dig and collect and read and feast. Her eyes twinkle as she recalls the days spent with her rucksack exploring. I asked her how old she was when she began her life in the woods. She replied, “When I was teeny tiny.” 

“6 or 7 years old?” I inquired. 

“Oh, no, teeny tiny. Too little to be building a fire for food,” she replied sheepishly, her eyes averting my shock, but also my delight.

Even then she was doing as she pleased all while in harmony with the dirt and all that grows. We delight in how she continues to do the same here, with us. We are truly grateful she left the snow and ice for sunshine. In the sunshine she builds, creates, designs jewelry, builds custom pizza ovens and furniture, grows all things wild, harvests, brews, bakes, customizes her Triumph motorcycle with tanned leather…she is a pool shark and she makes it all seem like it’s the last ball on the felt being shot straight and silently into the corner pocket. Her renaissance is easy and free. 

Laura building bench

Laura building custom bench/storage/seating for the flowershop. 

Here is a little session of "get to know": 

Name: Laura

Years with Camelback Flowershop: 5+ as Lead Designer

Favorite flower: Rananculus and passion flowers

Past life: The small towns and farm life of Iowa

Design Style: “Woodsy” as she calls it...

Hobbies: Building, creating, and land surveying. 

Favorite Arrangement: Custom florals for beloved clients.

When I inquired why she loved it here and why she has stayed all these years she very quickly replied with the following list: the beautiful girls she works with each day, her clients, the fascinating people that come in and create with her, the art she gets to be surrounded by in the shop, but what she emphasized most on her list was the plants and flowers that she is a part of...its what comes from the land that gives her life. 

Come be part of the renaissance with Laura and her designs. See you in the shop

xo Teresa

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