Profile: JoAnne Doyle

JoAnne Doyle: Buyer/Designer Camelback Flowershop

JoAnne Spring 2016

The beauty of the Camelback Flowershop is the is the petal, the stems, the leaves, the branches, all the parts that make up the whole. JoAnne is part of the team that makes everything grow. She is a mother, aunt, sister, and friend to all of us here. We wanted to introduce you to her and brag about just how good she is to us and to our clients. Her background in interior design and decorating lends a specialized eye to design and buying for our shop. Her attention to detail is an asset to our clients wanting everything to be just so. JoAnne truly is a fresh breeze with a cherry on top. 

Here is a little session of "get to know": 

Name: JoAnne (or "JoJo" to us.)

Years with Camelback Flowershop: 2

Favorite flower: White Ranunculus

Children: 2, both attending the University of Michigan

Past life: Interior Designer and Decorator

Design Style: Traditional 

Hobbies: Yoga, Zumba (She can really dance!), Pilates

Favorite Arrangement: Mohave Monsoon

We are so blessed to have her as a part of our team and our flower family. 

Come say "Hi!" to JoAnne and have her design your Mohave Monsoon this spring. 

xo Teresa

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