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  Grateful for more today and even more tomorrow...another day lived on mother earth.  Birds of the air Warmth of the sun Air to breathe Hearts that pump Hot tea Fresh coat of paint Generosity Butterflies in your stomach Lyrics Memorized and you, we are grateful for you. Come see us in the shop Wednesday or Thursday 8AM-12PM for centerpiece pick up, hostess gifts, flowers for loved ones, and cards to go with.  We are grateful every time you walk through our doors.  x Teresa

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Thanksgiving is here.

We are open 8AM-12PM on Thanksgiving day to pick up your centerpieces or hostess/host gifts. But, beat the rush and come in beforehand to select gifts and order for delivery. We know sometimes these things are the last on your list, so we are open for a few hours the day of to make sure everything on your list gets crossed off before joining your loved ones.  Please call to order or order online at anytime by Wednesday for pick up. We have  Let's start the grateful speak...a few things we are grateful for:  Family Friends Soulmates Fresh flowers Our local community Air to breathe Art on the walls Little giggles from siblings Pomegranates  Tulips Creosote Freshly sharpened pencils Vision...

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Love: Thanksgiving 2016

- The Wampanoag Indians known also Massasoit or Wôpanâak ( "Easterners" or literally "People of the Dawn) shared an autumn harvest feast in 1621 with the Plymouth colonists. It is generally accepted amongst citizens today that this was the first Thanksgiving feast and one in which we continue to celebrate today...some dispute it occurred nearly two decades later, but some original documents prove the 1621 gathering.  - We wanted to do some research on the plants and procedures of those Wampanoag people and what we could continue to learn from them and carry on in tradition and respect. We learned that burning sage, sweetgrass, and other aromatic plants were used amongst the women.  - Sage is available in our shop along with many...

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Give Thanks.

Tis the season to practice what days of old and modern day science have always said- a thankful heart is a full heart and a happy heart. It leads to better physical health and healthier relationships. It leads to all those things we wish we had in the form of contentment. Thankfulness cannot be underrated. We are thankful for you, our beautiful clients, and all the things that flow from our relationship. Truly, we are thankful. We are looking forward to Thanksgiving this year as we do every year.  We are taking orders for Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving feasts and gatherings. If you are hosting or visiting and need the ideal design for your table scape, guests, or gift now is the time to...

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