The 2020 Thanksgiving Table Decor Guide for Every Style

We're not sure yet what the holidays will look like this year - but we know that they’ll probably look a little different than seasons of the past. Whether your relatives are joining you at the table via Zoom, you’re sharing a socially distanced picnic, or enjoying a quiet dinner with your nearest and dearest, you don’t need to sacrifice a joyful holiday spirit or seasonal aesthetics. We’ve compiled some of our favorite table styling vibes and Thanksgiving floral centerpieces below to inspire and uplift you!

Desert Fall

If you’re in Arizona like us (or you’re one of our Southwest neighbors) the Pilgrim vibes don’t always work with our decor and architecture - and can definitely feel out of place among saguaros or joshua trees. Celebrate Thanksgiving with a desert touch for an elegant table that feels at home under our expansive skies.

desert fall thanksgiving table decor

  • Texture is key. Incorporate crystals for some earthy sparkle and dried florals for unique statement pieces that mimic the understated and wild plants of arid climates.
  • Play with an unconventional Thanksgiving centerpiece choice by swapping out fresh flowers for a potted cactus or succulent arrangement. A bonus to be thankful for? You get to continue enjoying it in your home long after the holidays have faded.
  • Take it outside! We have the benefit of gorgeous, al fresco-perfect weather for our holiday season. Take advantage of it and be the envy of all your out-of-town relatives by sharing a dreamy Thanksgiving dinner under the stars. Make sure each guest has a cozy blanket, and keep the lighting dim and romantic. 
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Heirloom Autumn

If it’s East Coast vibes you’re craving and you’re dreaming of copper-colored leaves, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to roll out all the stops. Here’s how to embrace table decor that’s as comforting and familiar as pumpkin pie:

  • Use earthenware ceramics, handmade vases and wood accents to add homey touches that will make your table feel extra cozy.
thanksgiving floral centerpieces
  • Embrace dark blooms and seasonal stems for the most authentic Fall centerpieces. We love dahlias and magnolia leaves! Keep your arrangements low and full for a bountiful look.
  • Create a feast for the eyes by adding pomegranates, persimmons, apples, pears, or cinnamon sticks to your table arrangements for pops of color, texture and scent.

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Minimalist Hearth

“Spark joy” this season by being super selective about what you add to your table. A clean, sparse tablescape leaves more room for your delicious food to stand out!

  • Obey the rule of one. Stick to one type of flower, or one stem of greenery. There’s nothing more chic than a simple vase filled with olive branches, or a cluster of dahlias in a single hue. (psst - this is Teresa’s favorite look!)

minimalist thanksgiving table decor

  • Stick to neutral color palettes of white, gray, black, or clay tones for a sparse and clean look. If you’re craving color but simplicity, use a monochromatic scheme and simple, understated shapes for your serving ware and florals.

simple thanksgiving table decor

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Playful Maximalist

Minimalism’s rowdy sister is having a major moment. A break-the-mold response to the cool whites and clean lines of the Scandanavian influences that have reigned supreme over the last few years, maximalism embraces, well, everything else. Think rich jewel tones, metallic sheens, over-the-top patterns and quirky collections of thrift store finds. Bring this look to your table:

  • Fill your table with blooms in a way that still leaves room for all of the food! Petite mason jar arrangements can be mixed in throughout the entire length of the table, for a floral-heavy look that doesn’t compromise on table space.
  • Use an array of different vases for your centerpieces. Keep it cohesive by maintaining one common thread: stick to a monochromatic or complementary color palette but play with different shapes and textures, or keep the blooms simple and uniform in color to offset a riot of vessel styles.

maximalist thanksgiving table decor

  • Embrace unique items to bring quirkiness to your table. Spend a day sourcing fun and quirky - or odd and silly - items that can peek out among your serving dishes or act as place card props for your guests’ dinner plates. 

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Which Thanksgiving mood is your favorite? How will you be decorating this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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