We are Holiday.

Our shop is hustling and bustling. We are in full holiday mode. We are planting bright reds in gold pots. We are draping greens from every corner. We are preparing for Hanukkah after Santa comes to visit. We have curated gifts from far and wide for your most distinguished hosts and the loves on your lists. We have you covered for the 12 days and/or 8 nights of giving. We do this because we love to give. We relish in that moment you give someone the perfect gift that puts a smile on their face, that never leaves their side, something they keep close.

Who is on your list?

Brass scissors

We are suggesting design workshops for your designers, scents for your hostess, a wrap subscription for your heartbreaker, and beautifully crafted scissors for your worker bee. And that's just for now. Check back in for more suggestions as our holidays are fast approaching. We can check off everyone on your list and we really mean it. 

Come in and see us! We can prove it. Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM. 

X Teresa

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