Gift Guide // Pt. 2 Reflective

Japanese Mirrors
We have some ideas about the holidays and what it means so close to the new year. We believe in ending and beginning the year with a bang...with the ones we love and the ones we are falling for...It's a time for reflection and how to start fresh. 
These Japanese Tone Mirrors are available on our site or in the shop. They are perfect for reflection and a beautiful gift to start out the new year. 
Our crystal collection has grown over the years as we have seen how it has effected our space and our clients who purchase. They make beautiful gifts for loved ones and hosts. Please come in and browse or order on the site today. 
Tennen Incense Burners
Tennen is a favorite designer and brand of ours here at the shop. Their Agave Basin Burner in copper and incredible array of incense can transform an environment. They are the perfect gift for a minimalist, a maximalist, and every soul in between who is in the habit of pondering and processing. This is a perfect reflection tool. Come in and shop the collection or order more incense for your burner on our site
We hope to see you soon for some holiday cheer. 
x Teresa


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