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Gift Guide // pt. 1 Tools

Cooking tools
Though you might not believe practicality is part of spreading holiday cheer...we think these practical tools can spread the cheer all the year long. Tools for preparing your favorite meal for your favorite people or trimming stems for fresh flowers in a guest room. 
For hosts and hostesses, for friends, for lovers, for family, for coworkers and teams...these gifts can purchased starting at $20. Please stop by the shop or give us a call if you are interested in giving tools for long lasting cheer. 
If you haven't ordered your centerpieces or blooms for parties or for those who have holiday birthdays, please call 602-840-4646, order online, or come on in. We have 21 days left til Christmas and Hanukkah is now. 
Thank you for all your support this year and check back in for our next gift guide post. 
x Teresa

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