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Dahlia and van Gogh

In his hometown, Vincent van Gogh is honored at the beginning of each fall with a parade of flowers. Inspired by his work and life, the hamlet of Zundert explodes with one of our favorites that blooms in the fall - the dahlia. 

AD Magazine van Gogh Dahlia

On the 125th anniversary of this death this year, 50,000 spectators gathered to see the floats using flowers grown in the area specifically for the parade. Can you imagine the site? Dahlias as far as the eye can see and as tall as church steeples all to honor an artist. The Dutch are completely obsessed with their dahlias, and well, so are we...

Van Gogh Zundert flower parade

Completely enamored. Come in and check the dahlias...imagine building your own flower parade in your space. Let's gather spectators to honor the arts and flowers everywhere, anywhere. Though his life was short and in the scheme of things, all lives are short, there was and is room to fill it with dahlias. 

x Teresa

PS Remember to order for fall holidays and events. Call the shop 602-840-4646. Ask for more dahlias, Dutch style. 


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