Flowershop Journal — Influence


Profile: Juliette Poff

Maybe it's the pep in her step, maybe it's all the lush curls, maybe it's the smile that won't quit, maybe it's the constant laughs, maybe it's the infectious enthusiasm, maybe it is all the wi...
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Profile: PDX Tulip edition

  They have been cultivated and adored for centuries - The tulip. Their roots and beginning have been traced to their native Ottoman Empire or modern day Turkey. In the late 1500's the tulip began...
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Gift Profile: Camelback does Coachella

Coachella is coming (April 15-17, 2016 // April 22-24, 2016). Our sister desert city is throwing its annual show down of fresh beats and festival fashion reality upgrades. We wanted to come alongs...
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7 Tips for Succulents and the Succulent Bar

We have a long standing, healthy full bodied friendship with succulents and cacti in our beloved desert. They are intriguing, they thrive, and they embody our rare, harsh environment all while ke...
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Profile: Dutch Painter Rachel Rusych

Our work is very much influenced not only by our crew here at the flower shop, our local world, art nouveau, but by the art of old. Rachel Rusych is an example of one such artist. Born in 1664,...
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