Profile: Dutch Painter Rachel Rusych

Rachel Rusych
Our work is very much influenced not only by our crew here at the flower shop, our local world, art nouveau, but by the art of old. Rachel Rusych is an example of one such artist. Born in 1664, she revolutionized how still life and particularly florals were painted and perceived. Rusych was an apprentice of painters and a natural collector alongside her father, a Professor of Anatomy and Botany, whose work quickly became internationally known. It was highly sought after and was more valuable on the market than the works of Rembrandt in her lifetime, a fulfilling 86 years. Rusych's application is rococo, it is her own, it is everlasting, it is natural, it is technical, and for us it is inspirational for our perception and arranging. Did we mention she had 10 children? Her life is an example of motherhood and artistry at its best. 
Have a lovely week of and remember to peak into the past for your daily dose of inspiration. Hint hint, let us help if you are in a rut. 
xo Teresa
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