Thank You and Let our Flowers Thank you Too...

Our Valentine's weekend was magical and mostly because you made it magical for us...We got to be us at our best: curating, designing, creating, and delivering love all over the Valley of the Sun. It was the coolest love hustle. Again, thank you for supporting our local business and local dealers. We are so blessed to be in this community and to be a part of your love story.

Remember if you are interested in continuing your deliveries with our Wrap Service you are able to order online or call the shop at 602-840-4646. We also filled up the shop again with some stunning hand made pottery for our succulent collection and pieces ready for Spring. 

On one last note, we wanted to let you in on some of our secrets of the trade so that your Valentine arrangements will last and be ready for rearranging if you wish. Please see the tips below for proper care of your flowers. 

xo Teresa


Steps to easy fresh flower care:

  1. Change the water every day.
  2. Keep the water level at the top of the vase.
  3. Give those beauties a fresh cut every other day. (Knife instead of scissors keeps the stems from being pinched/crushed)
  4. Remember to keep your roses dry except for the stems in the water.
  5. Keep flowers out of direct sunlight, heat and direct air-conditioning.
  6. If you are able to refrigerate overnight: do! 
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