Top 3 Valentine Gifts in Phoenix at Camelback Flowershop

We have put together the best of the best for your Valentine here at Camelback Flowershop. These items are carefully curated just for Valentine's Day. Be sure to pay special attention to no. 3 which is a perfect option for the man in your life. Check the list and order online today or call the shop at 602-840-4646


1. The Valentine Box

Valentine Box Camelback Flowershop

Its elegant, yet complex. The Valentine Box includes essential oil candle, tea, European tea steeper, selected artisanal chocolate, body scrub, salted caramels, and of course, a fresh flower arrangement. Available for online order here or call 602-840-4646 to order. 

 2. The Wrap Subscription

This is the gift that keeps on giving and giving. The Wrap Subscription is the perfect way to keep the heart pounding. We hand-select flowers for our special wraps so that they are new and different each time but still have a clean, modern, organic look that can easily compliment any home or office. The Wrap subscription consists of a 12 delivery commitment at $45 per delivery. Order online here or call 602-840-4646 to order. 

3. The Great Basin vs. The Goldie

The Great Basin was named after one of Arizona's four deserts. We incorporate hearty succulents and local cacti hand-potted into a low-setting concrete basin. Each vessel comes with cacti/succulent care tag. This is an investment like love. Sustainable and long lasting. Order online here or call 602-840-4646 to order. 

The Goldie is our take on St. Valentine. It screams love in bold and golds. She is a true stunner. Tangly red and peach garden roses, blackberries, orchids, scabiosas, hydrangeas, amaryllis, and artichoke with magnolia and smokebush greenery complete this proclamation of love. Order online here or call 602-840-4646 to order. 


Camelback Flowershop

And just in case, your wish is to spend the time with us live hunting for your love: Our collection of local treasures and rare art gives you several options for your beloved. Our artisanal chocolates, local art, cacti skeletons, and beautiful table top collections are gift options like no other. Please stop by and let us help you give a permanent gift of love. We are open this weekend only in honor of St. Valentine's Day.

Special Hours: 8am-6pm on Saturday the 13th and 8am-3pm Sunday the 14th (2016). 

See you at the flowershop, 

 xo Teresa

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