2021 Valentine’s Gifts for Every Love in Your Life

2021 Valentine’s Gifts for Every Love in Your Life

One thing we can all agree on: Love. And wow, there are a lot of people in your life that deserve some extra virtual hugs and some spoiling. This Valentine’s Day, treat them - and yourself - to pampering beauty products, beautiful blooms, and thoughtful things for the home. 

For your…

...New Fling 

Valentine’s Day can be tricky when you’re in a new relationship! Do you celebrate, or is it too soon? Would it be cheesy to get them flowers, or will you look like a jerk if you don’t? You want to show affection, but it’s not serious enough yet for grand gestures. Opt for sweet, simple, playful, and flirty. 

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas New Relationship Phoenix Florist Camelback Flowershop Gift Guide

Monsoon ChocolateMuch better than your average heart-shaped box of chocolates. These tasty - and beautiful - chocolate bars are handmade in Tucson. (p.s. we have a delicious dairy-free oat milk chocolate bar for your vegan sweetheart!) 

Matchmaker WrapPetite and sweet. The perfect wrap when you want to be casual but thoughtful.

No One ElseThe perfect arrangement to delight them with a surprise delivery. Added bonus - get brownie points from their coworker BFFs. We deliver all over the valley, and we’re offering extended delivery hours for the entire week leading up to Valentine’s. 

Small Signature BoxOur best-selling gift box has a little bit of everything, and won’t overwhelm with over-the-top V-Day vibes. They’ll love this assortment of sweet treats, locally-roasted coffee beans, scents for the home, and seasonal blooms. 


May we suggest something that will make her swoon? Pull out all the stops and pamper her like the queen that she is. Perfect for newly-married bliss, or as a celebration of decades of devotion.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her Phoenix Florist Camelback Flowershop Gift Guide

The Wrap ClubBetter than a single bouquet is a fresh one every month - or every week! Our popular Wrap Club subscription lets you send her flowers for up to an entire year. Options for monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly deliveries. Free delivery if you’re in the local neighborhood, and special savings on premium blooms. Each bouquet is uniquely different and filled with seasonal flowers. Choose from automatic payments for each delivery, or pay for an entire year upfront and receive the 12th month free.

Sunday Love - A showstopper filled with lush ruby-red blooms. Let the flowers do the talking for you - they say everything she wants to hear. 

A Deeper Love BoxA sultry gift box providing all of the components you need for a romantic night in. A decadent Milla chocolate bar tantalizes their tongue and a Ritual Marfa candle and Tennen incense - in their beautiful brass Agave Incense Holder - surrounds you with intoxicating aromas. A sexy smokey quartz crystal and petite Valentine’s floral arrangement complete the vibe. Enjoy your date night in!

Maison Louis Marie Perfume Oil - This much-beloved French scent studio produces perfumes that will intoxicate both of you. The perfume oil offers a heady, long-lasting fragrance perfect for date nights - or every day. 


He deserves to be spoiled and adored. We’ve got ideas that will make him fall head over heels - again! Treat him for all the “honey-do’s” over the years and show him to an extra special day of love.
Valentine's Day Gifts for Him Phoenix Florist Camelback Flowershop Gift Guide

Man BoxLuxe essentials to kickstart his every morning. Desert creosote to awaken the senses during his morning shower, and natural toothpaste for kissable minty-fresh breath. He’ll love the quirky Portuguese soap and the earthy, decadent candle from cult-following favorite Malin + Goetz.

Avant-Garde Wrap - Flowers are for him, too. This dark and daring wrap is beautiful and romantic - and far from girly. 

Tom Dixon Decanter - To even further elevate his favorite whiskey or scotch. This beautiful decanter is a luxurious addition for any home bar. 

Chance x Whitney Alexandra Basketball Planter - A plant that’s hard to kill is always a good choice. A plant that’s potted in a basketball? That’s a slam dunk. This gift is a quirky addition to the home, and a conversation-starter for the office. 

...Best Friend

To make up for all the missed brunches and bottles of wine that you didn’t get to share this past year, gift them something thoughtful.
Valentine's Day Gifts for Her Phoenix Florist Camelback Flowershop Gift Guide

Quintessential LoveSoft pastels and bohemian vibes. This beautiful arrangement is a quintessential Camelback Flowershop style. 

Bloom Box - They deserve to be pampered, doted-on, and treated to simple pleasures and little luxuries. This box provides it all! Valentine’s Day sugar cookies from local Ruze Cake House. Dilo candle in Cactus Flower scent. French Girl rose lip polish, rose sea soak, and Henné luxury hand cream. Olio & Osso lip and cheek tint. Medium Madagascar quartz - a crystal that inspires feelings of love and affection. Petite Valentine’s floral arrangement in a black vase. 

Bespoke Love - Elegant and refined, this arrangement will brighten up her week and remind her that she’s loved!

Bettina Chow PotteryPerfect options for her morning cup of coffee, her new favorite flower vase, and standalone pieces to add curated beauty to her bookshelf or bedside table. We love local potter Bettina Chow’s minimalist design style and earthy glazes. 

...Kids’ Teachers

Complete heroes, every one. Show your gratitude and appreciation for the amazing teachers who do so much for our kids every school year - but especially so this year!

Valentine's Day Gifts for teachers Phoenix Florist Camelback Flowershop Gift Guide

Bright LoveI Always Wanted YouSweet little arrangements in charming mason jars to grace their desk, brighten their days, and make an appearance in their Zoom calls! 

Sweetheart Box - Packed with treats and goodies for them to indulge! We’ve paired a limited edition Milla chocolate bar and a chocolate bar from Monsoon Chocolate in Tucson - because you can never have too much chocolate on Valentine’s Day (or any day, really). Even more treats? Yes, please! They’ll love the French macarons and heart-shaped sugar cookies from Ruze Cake House. Have the kids write them a sweet note on a hand-painted Valentine’s Day greeting card, and brighten their day with a petite Valentine’s floral arrangement in a black vase. 

With You Wrap - A clean and classic tulip wrap lifts spirits and matches any aesthetic. 

Tennen Incense Sampler - We love this incense collection from Tennen because it’s an affordable option that allows you to gift them three different scents to try! Choose from earthy and woodsy profiles in the Japan Dry Garden series, or lighter floral scents in the Sonoran Desert pack - or get them both!

...Nurse Friends

They deserve the loudest of “thank you’s” and the biggest of hugs. You can show your love and help in little ways this Valentine's Day to remedy their exhaustion and make them feel appreciated. Valentine's Day Gifts for nurses Phoenix Florist Camelback Flowershop Gift Guide

Dried Floral Wrap - Let’s face it, they barely have time to sleep, let alone take care of fresh blooms. Gift them an elegant dried floral wrap that they don’t have to worry about, and that they’ll be able to enjoy in their home for months to come. 

Self-Care Box - Help them relax and unwind after long and stressful days. A luxurious Maison Louis Marie candle and desert-rain scented creosote will transport them, and beauty products from French Girl and Ossi E Osso will pamper them. 

Hei Mao - These limited edition Hei Mao statues from local ceramic artist Bettina Chow are beautiful totems for frontline workers. Inspired by her last trip to DaLi, China,they are a warning to any more chaos 2021 may bring. They guard your home by warding off negative energies and cultivate strength and courage for all who dwell there. Limited edition, available in-store only.

CBD Incense from Yield - Perfect for morning rituals and unwinding post-shift. Yield incense offers relaxing scents infused with CBD for extra calming aromatherapeutic benefits. Available in-store only.


One of the lessons we’ve taken away from the past year is how important it is to prioritize self-care. Gift yourself beautiful things to make your home feel like even more of a sanctuary - you deserve it. 

Valentine's Day gifts for self-care Phoenix florist Camelback Flowershop gift guide

First LoveFresh seasonal blooms for Valentine’s Day, and a chic Raawii vase for forever. 

Coqui Coqui Room Spray - Refresh and enliven your home and transport yourself to the tropics with luxurious scents from the much-loved brand Coqui Coqui. Each scent is inspired by one of their unique residences and spas, so you can bring the essence of Tulum or Bora Bora to your own space. 

Buff Clay PotsSpring is around the corner! Re-pot your beloved house plants in our best-selling Buff Clay pots. The warm color looks great indoors and out, and the moisture-absorbing terracotta and drainage hole at the bottom allows for easy watering success. 

Pleated Golden HourThis minimalist and monochromatic arrangement inspired by Southwest landscapes is built in a limited edition black ceramic vase from local potter Bettina Chow, designed exclusively for Camelback Flowershop’s 2021 Valentine’s Day Collection. The dried florals will last long past Valentine’s Day!

How are you celebrating love this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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