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The 2021 Valentine’s Gift Guide for Every Personality

Not all Valentine’s are alike! Some crave dark chocolate, others prefer candy hearts. One may adore pinks in every hue, another may detest them and instead opt for something dark. You probably know those who typically refuse to celebrate Valentine’s (don’t worry, we’ll help you change their mind!) and those who can’t get enough. For every quirky character and unique love in your life, we have options and recommendations.

Peruse our Valentine’s Day gift guide below for presents to fit every personality.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Phoenix Florist Camelback Flowershop: Timeless Romantic
The lover of cheesy rom-coms and the dramatic kisses of black and white romance movies. This is the person who loves to dote and be doted on. Sweep them off their feet with thoughtful gifts and grand gestures.
1. Thick as Thieves floral wrap // 2. Sweetheart Gift Box // 3.  Sunday Love flower arrangement // 4. Coqui Coqui reed diffuser // 5. Desert Jewel flower arrangements // 6. Maison Louis Marie candle
Valentine's Day Gifts Phoenix Florist Camelback Flowershop Gift Guide: The Creative

Be their muse this Valentine’s Day. Give flower arrangements that are works of art and gifts that inspire and uplift. 

1. Pleated Golden Hour flower arrangement // 2. Avant-Garde floral wrap // 3. Blackwing collection // 4. Valentine’s Day dried floral wraps // 5. CYM Warkov ceramics // 6. First Love flower arrangement

 Valentine's Day Gifts Phoenix Florist Camelback Flowershop Gift Guide: The Optimist

Anyone who can still be called an optimist after 2020 deserves some major pampering and soul-soothing. Treat them to all things good and beautiful this year.

1. Quintessential Love flower arrangement // 2. Rose Quartz crystal // 3. Matchmaker wrap // 4. Bloom gift box // 5. Flower Cleansing Wands // 6. Orchid potted in marble


Valentine's Day Gifts Phoenix Florist Camelback Flowershop Gift Guide: The Decadent

For the love in your life who loves the finer things and earthly delights - sensual and sumptuous gifts will surprise and delight. 

1. Intentions flower arrangement // 2. Maison Louis Marie perfume oil // 3. Love at Dusk flower arrangement // 4. Redecker dry brush // 5. A Deeper Love gift box // 6. Monsoon Chocolate Bars


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