Our Guide to Cleansing Your Home for the New Year

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There have been a lot of energies swirling around in 2020... most of them pretty awful. We've always been fans of cleansing our spirits and spaces at important junctures, and the end of 2020 feels like the most perfect time to reset and welcome fresh new things for the year ahead.

Just as it's important to tend to the physical aspects of your home - clearing away clutter, dusting, sweeping, and taking out the trash - it's equally important to pay attention to the energetic aspect of your spaces. Energy can collect and stagnate just as physical objects can. Here are some tips to clear away negative or trapped energy, and refresh and protect your space.

Smoke Cleansing with Sage or Palo Santo

The burning of herbs, spices, and resins in spiritual rituals is an ancient practice that’s been explored in many ways in cultures around the world. Perhaps the two that have been most popularized are the burning of sage and Palo Santo. Indigenous tribes of North America have utilized White Sage and other herbs in smudging rituals to open ceremonies and cleanse people and spaces for centuries, while Amazonian tribes ceremoniously burn the wood of the Palo Santo tree to chase away negativity and evil spirits. You can utilize these powerful materials in your own home through a smoke cleansing practice. Here are some of our recommendations! 

  • Make sure that the sage, Palo Santo, or other herbs that you’re using for your smoke cleansing are burning strongly before you blow them out to begin. This will ensure a consistent stream of smoke. If your smoke starts to fade, gently blow on the embers to strengthen them. Always use a nonflammable object such as a dish or shell to catch falling ash.  
  • As you move through spaces, gently waft or fan the smoke to each area of the room, paying special attention to corners (where energy is more easily trapped) and doorways (to invite in positive energies and clear out negative ones). We like to open doors and windows to allow energy to escape, and prefer to start at the front of the house, moving our way to the back. 
  • Set intentions. We like to set a different and unique intention for each room. For example, we call in energies of community, nourishment, and health in the kitchen, while the bedroom is a space for love, sensuality, and rest. It’s also helpful to begin and end every smoke cleansing by calling in the energies and vibrations we want to surround ourselves with, and request protection for the entire space. 
  • Cleanse yourself before you cleanse your space. Swirl the smoke around your body, starting from your toes and traveling up to your head, while reciting your intentions. 
  • In addition to sage and Palo Santo, you can utilize essential oils mixed with water to spray your spaces, your favorite incense, or other herbs like rosemary, pine, and juniper.


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Crystals are not only a beautiful addition to a home, they are also an instant way to shift energies and vibrations. Each crystal has unique properties and benefits. Crystals can become burdened with energy interaction, so it’s important to clean them and restore them! You can cleanse your crystals with smoke cleansing or a saltwater bath, and recharge them with sunshine or the light of the full moon. Take a look at some of our favorites gems below!



This beautiful purple stone is one of the most recognizable and popular crystals. It is a calming stone that promotes balance, patience, peace. It was used by ancient Greeks to ward off drunkenness and overindulgence and has been worn by Catholic bishops to promote grounding and spiritual connection. Amethyst stimulates the third eye and the crown chakra, which enhances intuition and spiritual wisdom. 


smokey quartz

Smokey Quartz

This smoke-colored crystal was sacred to the Druids of Scotland and associated with the Greek goddess Hecate, the goddess of magic. It balances the root chakra by connecting you to the energies of the earth and helps absorb negative energies, making it a wonderful stone to help you release and move on from things that are no longer serving you. Place it somewhere in your space where you will see it every day, as a reminder to move through and release lower vibrations.





This bright, caramel-colored crystal ushers in prosperity and success. It can help raise self-esteem and confidence, and its connection to the sacral chakra promotes creativity and self-expression. A beloved jewel amongst ancient Roman and Victorian England Jewelers alike, it still hasn't lost any of its luster or popularity in the modern world. Carry it with you to lift your mood, boost your energy, and stimulate a healthy immune system. 



rose quartz

Rose Quartz

A beautiful lush pink crystal, the rose quartz is a powerful influence on your heart chakra. Known as the stone of universal love, it promotes love, inner healing, emotional balance, and peace. It can help improve the circulatory system, protect expecting mothers, and nourish all forms of love and affection. Keep it in your home to encourage unconditional love, and hold it close to your heart to help you feel connected and supported. 



madagascar quartz

Madagascar Quartz

Related to the powerful rose quartz, this delicate pink crystal is perfect for fostering feelings of self-love as well as affection and tenderness in others. Its gentle healing properties help relieve stress and encourage hope. 



Enlist a Guardian for Your Home

Hei Mao  

Local ceramic artist Bettina Chow has created a beautiful totem for 2021, and we’re so excited to have the limited edition project available for purchase in our shop. Each one is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind.

“What began as a 2020 lockdown project, quickly became a talisman of the pandemic. These Hei Mao statues, inspired by my last trip to DaLi, China, are a warning to any more chaos 2021 may bring. Cats are thought to have a keen awareness of the unseen and are kept outside of the home to prevent negativity from entering the home. The statue's fierce expression cultivates strength and courage.”
- Bettina Chow, potter

What are your favorite home cleansing rituals? In what ways will you be celebrating the beginning of this year? Let us know in the comments below! 


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