We’ve Never Been Happier to Say Happy New Year!!

What do we even begin to say about 2020? From having to make the heartbreaking decision to lay off staff, to completely pivoting our business model and struggling to source our flowers as shipping became nearly impossible and fires devastated our partner farmers… it’s been a year. Our stress, anxiety, and uncertainty reached new levels - and we’re sure the same is true for all of you. Uncertainty always plagues small businesses, but in our nearly two decades of operating Camelback Flowershop we have never faced so many challenges.

Here’s the thing about New Year’s: nothing has magically changed overnight. Stressors and problems still exist. We still and will always have work to do - individually, as a business, as a community, as a world. But the New Year is an encouragement and an opportunity to show up and to advocate for the changes and positive things we want to see in our world. We’re using this time to embrace hope and joy, and to continue to foster empathy and connection.

Most of all, the New Year is a time for us to thank you. Thank you, so very much, for supporting us and all of the other unique and hard-working small businesses that help make this city special. We truly could not have survived - and even thrived - in 2020 without your support. Thank you for your kindness to our amazing staff, your patience as we transitioned into a business model that allows us to serve you safely, and for gifting us the opportunity to create beautiful things for your celebrations, your sorrows, and your homes (a more sacred space than ever!)

We are so excited for the year ahead, and all of the changes and growth that we know it will bring - for us and for you.




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