Interview with Teresa Wilson with

Interview with AZ5C

An interview with owner of Camelback Flowershop with AZ5C. 

INTRODUCING AZ5C, A NEW LOOK AT THE ARIZONA 5 Cs: Turning the spotlight on the businesses, non-profits, and communities of Arizona who are setting the pace for change and innovation.

"Since its start in 2003, Camelback Flowershop has become a community staple and a second home to her almost 20 employees. Teresa works hard to keep her shop a place full of positivity and light, a place people can come and find unique gifts, flower arrangements, and potted plants. It’s her dedication to positivity and passion that Teresa attributes her success to. “You have to love what you do,” she says and continues to seek out ways to involve and inspire her community. Teresa wants to use her shop as an outlet to bring her community together and truly show what Phoenix has to offer."

Here is the full interview. Thank you so much for giving us the spotlight. 


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