Planning ahead: Fresh Flower Happy Hour.


Seasonal florals available. 

Is Tuesday too early to start dreaming about the long weekend ahead? We contest it is not. We are hoping you will be surrounded by loved ones, that you rest, that you indulge, that you laugh, that you get whatever done you need to get done...and because of our wish list- we want to add that you plan ahead. We wanted to remind you - that Friday is half priced flowers from noon to close in the shop. We have weekly Fresh Flower Happy Hour for our clients. We want to make sure our florals are the most fresh and that all are able to enjoy their weekends with something beautiful. 

We hope to see you in the shop Friday for Fresh Flower Happy Hour or any hour in between. 

Stay is still wicked hot out there. 

x Teresa

Come in and select. And while you are here - shop our vessels. Most are locally made and we love supporting artisans. 


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