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  Grateful for more today and even more tomorrow...another day lived on mother earth.  Birds of the air Warmth of the sun Air to breathe Hearts that pump Hot tea Fresh coat of paint Generosity Butterflies in your stomach Lyrics Memorized and you, we are grateful for you. Come see us in the shop Wednesday or Thursday 8AM-12PM for centerpiece pick up, hostess gifts, flowers for loved ones, and cards to go with.  We are grateful every time you walk through our doors.  x Teresa

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Mother's Day // 2018

As Mother's Day approaches quickly, this Sunday to be exact, it becomes time once again to make absolutely sure your mother is 'bathed' in love. We have thought about our mothers and your mother and all the other mothers and here is what we created in addition to our Mother's Day Floral Collection which includes Ava, Stevie, Charlie, Harper, Reese, Quinn:  Items included in the Camelback Flowershop gift box: Small wooden box, excelsior and ribbon Roots & Crown bath salts Body brush Ruze Cake House cookie box Morning Calm soap Teaspressa Black Tea Amethyst Crystal Goodytwos Toffee $45 Floral Wrapped Mason Jar For that little extra sleep we hope all the mother's enjoy this Sunday, let's add something a little something...

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Valentine Online // 2018 // Farrah Fawcett

Is she lovely? Does she exude sunshine? Is she an angel? Does she make you feel free? We call her Farrah.  The light-hearted, sun-kissed and free spirited - these are the perfect florals for that person in your life that brings you joy like that of a perfectly sunny day. Designed with Amaryllis, coveted garden roses, and everyone's favorite the pink protea! Order online now at Camelback Flowershop or call your order in for pick or delivery. Forward to a lover or order it for yourself. Either way, we have her here waiting for you.  See you Wednesday.  x Teresa

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VALENTINE ONLINE // 2018 // Grace Kelly

One of the most beloved creatures ever to wear a crown was Grace Kelly. She exuded all that is lovely and graceful and pretty and royal. Her storybook love followed her roles in all time classic American films. She was a star, but the best kind. Do you have a love like this? Is your other a dream come true?  Our Valentine design in honor of Grace Kelly can be ordered now online or call the shop to make sure your queen, your Grace Kelly, gets their due on Valentine's Day, Wednesday, February 14, 2018.  The original Grace Kelly comes in a wrapped mason jar, simple, like her roots in Philadelphia. Upgrade to a locally handmade ceramic pinch pot for...

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In House, Your House // Plants

  Here at the shop it always seems we are full to the brim...the space and the light is fighting for space amongst our wide variety of cactus, succulents, and our beloved plants. Our plant friends fill our lungs with beautiful clean, pure air and allow us to watch them mature while we work. It is a relationship we can always count on, just like a true friend. And we have lots of little ones that come in the shop and love to water all of our beloved greenery...always enough to go around.  Along with a collection of planters, we carry a range of house plants for purchase. And we don't let you walk away without being properly introduced to...

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