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Blooming Cotinus + Foxtail Lillies

Blooming Cotinus The dog days of summer are beating down our doors, but inside our shop things seem more light hearted and more, well, cool. Blooming Cotinus is pushing our design and inspiring us in the lull of the heat. It is like cotton candy and a queen had a little baby named Blooming Cotinus. She is continuous delight. Come visit her. She does not disappoint.  Eremurus/Foxtail Lillies/Desert Candle Another friend of ours, Eremurus is here holding down the fort while Blooming Cotinus entertains. Eremurus is a "dramatic perennial" also called the Foxtail Lillies or Desert candle. She stands upright and tall. She does us proud. She brings something to our designs and our voice that we can really stand...

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