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We are getting so close to the best day of the year. The year we get to say what everyone longs to hear and we long to say. And we say it with nature's work...what a gift.  Katharine Hepburn is our independent thinker, our shelter from the storm, our pants when we need to wear pants, our passion when we lack, and we know you have one of those in your life. Someone that needs garden roses, nothing contrived, nothing for the masses... "There are many people in this world that do not like red roses... if your Sweetheart is one of these people, then this is the romantic design for them!" -3 dozen fragrant garden roses organically designed in...

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Rain is coming, please stay.

As we approach a week of rain, the glorious, joyous, extra scrumptious rain, we wanted to remind our clients that we have curbside pick up-no matter the weather. We know mother earth needs to be replenished to provide all it does for us, so we want to be prepared.  If you are planning on running around in the rain this week...let us know. Our gifts are included in curbside pick up transactions. The busiest time of year is upon us and we know you'll be hosting and being hosted by the best, we want you armed with gifts and designer choice arrangements for all those on your list. Let the good get giving, but first...the rain. Rain is the best...

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