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Skull Bound

  The art in our shop has been carefully curated over the years and so have our skulls. We believe they are a timeless classic tale of how we developed way out West. We hope you are getting prepped for fall by collecting more of what creates a home and reflects your true place here in the desert. Join the ranks and make your mark with local bones.  Our skulls are carefully processed and hand painted to keep sealed for years to come. They are in the shop and ready for purchase. We are limited.  And while you are collecting your skull, gander and let the art around you sink in. Limited prints and originals are available. After a visit to LACMA...

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Good Fortune Edition: Peonies

The fattest and most scrumptious of all flowers, a rare fusion of fluff and majesty, the peony is now coming into bloom.–Henry Mitchell, American writer (1923-1993) This season our shop is brimming with blossoms and it seems even more so than usual. But one life form we are falling in love with all over again this year is the peony. Its soft petals, its voluptuous shape, and what it says about our future.  We believe in the voice of the peony and hear is what it is saying...it is the floral symbol for China.The peony speaks of your good fortune, of wealth, and riches. It is essentially the fortune cookie of flowers. It represents the love between two strangers and the beauty of...

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