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Kitchen in the Spring

Part of growth, part of flowering, is being fed. We are big believers in all things food and comfort and goodness for our plants and our people.  Come to us for your kitchen and serving specialties. Feeding your people, your community, your family, your lover should be done right. We want to be a part of that story of a meal shared like no other.  When is your next session of breaking bread? Share with us.  Pottery, service, cutting, slicing, seasoning, aesthetic: all at the shop.  x Teresa PS Remember Mother's Day is around the corner. Is she being fed?

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For the Cook Holiday Guide 2017 //Brass Cutting Knife  //Cutting Board //Handtowel //Imported Salt and Pepper Grinder (in Hunter and Black) //Pinch pots //Ceramic Bowls  Because we are such fans of food and heirloom quality pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation like the recipes they carry...we decided to focus on the cook. There are more guides to come on the same theme, but lets start with the basics. Bowls, salt, pepper, the cutting board, the knife, and the hand towel. And now we are ready to get started. Share your favorite recipes with us in the comments. Our Laura grows so much of her own food and we love to include harvests in our designs.  Remember we...

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