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Valentine Online // 2018 // Sophia Loren

If Sophia Loren (Sofia Costanza Brigida Villani Scicolone) is your kind of girl - we have got your kind of Valentine. She had one torrid affair with Carey Grant, but after that was married to the same man until his death in 2007. Loyal, fiercem Italiana. She's done it all from waiting tables to a stint in jail and winning awards...all while remaining herself.  Here she is. Sexy, strong, and beautiful. The Sophia Loren exudes femininity. Designed in a gold ceramic vase, a variety of mixed red roses totaling 18 stems and finished off with long lasting magnolia leaves. (Choose to upgrade by adding additional roses, six at a time to reach the desired amount.) Order online now and pick...

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Valentine Online // 2018 // Katharine Hepburn

Our Valentine Pre Order has officially begun. We are showing off the best and brightest this year with varying 'Valentines' to be showcased. From Garbo to Hepburn. What kind of Valentine are you? We know a few Hepburn types out there and wanted to celebrate her... artsy. deep. different. The Katharine Hepburn was designed with the highly creative and passionate human in mind. Using hues of blushes, blood red, and plums to inspire and appreciate your special person. Includes snap dragons, tulips, roses, black kale, protea and magnolia. This design can be ordered in small, medium, or large.  "Katharine Houghton Hepburn (May 12, 1907 – June 29, 2003) was an American actress. Known for her fierce independence and spirited personality, Hepburn was a leading lady...

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Accompanying the Shadows: Fall

The sun is crashing down so much faster these days. Our shop is filled with shadows cast by the changing scene out in the atmosphere. This gives us a fresh perspective on our designing and reminds us of our favorite fall blooms. Echinacea pods, Magnolia leaves, and the deep rich Ninebark (plum leaves) are keeping enhancing the life of shadows in our shop this season.  Echinacea Pods (Cone Flower) Magnolia Leaves Ninebark (Plum leaves) Come in this week and embrace the new light. If you are in a hurry remember our curbside delivery service...tis the season. Don't forget fresh flower happy hour where many of these stems will be available for purchase. Additionally, the fall blooms will be collected for...

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