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Protea Wreaths // Change and Hope Year Round

  We are excited to announce that our beloved South African flowering Protea wreaths will now be available year round...daily. Because they are so versatile alive and dry, we believe our clients will be given so many opportunities to decorate, gift, and repurpose the wreaths. Representing change and hope, these are an unmistaken nod to each day and season. Every day is new.  Live, dry, spray painted, cold, hot, day, night, hand painted, in a vase, without a vase, in a wreath, on a door, on a wall...again, hope for all situations.    (Here is a selection of Protea flowers on Sunset Magazine's site...enjoy.) Come in and ask any member of the team about options and care.  x Teresa

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Valentine Online // 2018 // Farrah Fawcett

Is she lovely? Does she exude sunshine? Is she an angel? Does she make you feel free? We call her Farrah.  The light-hearted, sun-kissed and free spirited - these are the perfect florals for that person in your life that brings you joy like that of a perfectly sunny day. Designed with Amaryllis, coveted garden roses, and everyone's favorite the pink protea! Order online now at Camelback Flowershop or call your order in for pick or delivery. Forward to a lover or order it for yourself. Either way, we have her here waiting for you.  See you Wednesday.  x Teresa

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