This season: Sonoita Gardens, Super Bloom, and Native Echo

While we are in the season of peonies, we have introduced two new designs and another to set you up for as long garden roses bloom - all season long. These are the current designs that stop us dead in our tracks every - single - day. 

Super Bloom

Order online now. Delicate and celebratory-- this beauty is the perfect addition to your summer picnic table. It features some of the most complex textures and our favorite rare blooms of the season. (We are actually obsessed with it)

Designed in our hearty concrete pot. Use it to house a plant or few succulents when your flowers expire!

Sonoita Gardens

Order online now. This beauty is designed to look as though it has grown directly from its soft pink earthen vessel. It boasts some of the most popular flowers this season and is *actually* breath taking in person.


Native Echo

Order now online or call the shop 602-840-4646. Designed in our terra cotta vessel and packed full of fragrant garden roses, this arrangement is stunning from every angle. One can upgrade with 1/2 dozen garden roses. 

Are you ready? Because when these are delivered - you need to be fully prepared to inhale and exhale slowly...taking it all in. 

Hope your summer is magical at the moment. See you in the shop. 

x Teresa

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