Dora Maar Vase with Orchids

Dora Maar Vase with Orchids

$ 295.00

No matter the number of plants you own or the decor you’ve collected, this piece is always sure to stand out as a show-stopper. Elegant mini orchids look all the more graceful in this beautiful Jonathan Adler Dora Maar pedestal vase. Simply put, it’s the most stunning and stylish potted plant in our shop.


Vase with orchids: approx. 19" tall x 8.5" wide

Dora Maar vase: 8.5" H x 8.5" W

Care Instructions: Place in bright but indirect light indoors. Water by placing two ice cubes at the base of each orchid once per week. To help them thrive, keep out of direct sunlight and air conditioning. Tropical orchids love humidity, so bathrooms or kitchens are an ideal home for them. 


Cheeky and playful Jonathan Adler brings his irreverence and his love of pottery to life through his lifestyle and design brand. The iconic designer launched his career with a pottery collection for Barney’s in the 90’s, and has since gone on to become a household name with his quirky style. He’s designed everything from vases with boobs on them to entire hotels in Palm Springs - and we love it all.

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