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March Showers Brings Green

What a March it has been. The green is green, really green. We are celebrating the late snow on the mountains and the spring creek run off to all the desert animals and plants. Come in and experience the green. No, please, we beg you. It's our treat.  And don't forget the creosote bundle for the shower. Bring it indoors. Spring is for inside and out.  x Teresa

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The Canyons are Copper and Gift Boxes to Match

The rain has let up, for now, and the sun is shining. Our copper state is headed for a show of a lifetime. The rain has fed the cactus and florals like never before. Ripe for the desert life.  We are designing for the season. For spring, for new life, for rainbows after desert skies pour down on us all... Poem by James Ronan Clouds loom dark like a locust swarm, Stalking creatures on anxious flight.Senses heighten in a desert storm, As nature flaunts her awesome might.Ribbons of fire rips a fabric of gray, Creatures are humbled by awesome roars.Winds summon raindrops to play, And tempests provoke its downpours.Though cataracts rush off somewhere, Only small change trails its wake.Depleting stream beds begin nature's repair, And life pauses...

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Spring is Springing

And all of the sudden we are all outside. We can't get enough of the warm sun hitting us in the afternoon and the coolness in the evening. We know what's coming next...just around the corner...wildflowers will cover our desert floors and turn our cactus fat.  This is the perfect time to plan what plants you want to collect for your patio or in a window sill...   *Note: We have recently welcomed these hanging Vanda Orchids to our shop after years of waiting anxiously. Their mature roots hang freely and will continue to grow if sprayed with water every other day along with proper light. Air plants work in any room. Come in and we can discuss care or...

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Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, truly, from us to you. We were working like mad to make sure our loves had everything they needed today. If you are still wishing your Valentine felt love, call us, 602-840-4646, or come by the shop...our designers worked tirelessly to make sure there was a little extra to go around. We have show stopping floral wraps, Valentine's gift boxes, chocolates, cards and a few tricks up our sleeves.  Our drivers will be out in the rain making magic happen all over the Valley today.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting us be a part of the love. We are so grateful for today and for you.  X Teresa

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Isabella Rossellini was the daughter of Ingrid Bergman - yet Italian at her core. Her life has been full of film and life and the fight for conservation. This is not only for the most beautiful person in your life, but someone fighting with all their might for the preservation of beauty for all.  Truly, designed for the wild at heart, the Isabella Rossellini is a serious head turner. It embodies the softer side of Italian couture, taking the eye through a complex journey of textures. It is packed with soft peaches and pinks, vintage caramels and oranges, and classic white accents. A crowd favorite design and one we hold near and dear to our hearts...forever a standard of beauty... Designed in our white...

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